Here is a list I have put together of popular Cameras for you to research. There are so many, but here is a good place for you to get into what's on offer, prices, and what's your style, this list will really help cut through some of the noise

Medium format 645

Medium format 6x7

Medium format 6x9

Medium format 6x6

Point and Shoot

35mm SLR

Olympus MJU II


Yashica T4 or T5


Mamiya 6


Contax T2 or T3


Mamiya 7 OR 7ii



Just incase you have not heard of a rangefinder, it's where the eyepiece is not looking through the lens, it is a separate view.

This can result in a little bit of off centre if you are close to subjects, also know as parallax error.

Range finders generally have slower shutter speeds available on the camera

Some of these cameras with strange auto focus, can even allow you leave the lens cap on- focus, and take the shot, and you still think that you framed it up perfect through the eyepiece. I look forward to your blank slides. yikes!

But the eyepiece does have its pros- As its larger (usually) it will give you a clearer view, and because there is no mirror in the camera thanks to this eyepiece, it allows the system to be much smaller and lighter. Maybe consider some more research on rangefinders, perhaps it will suit your size and bag better for shooting at a wedding.