The best CRM you probably don’t know about!

The best CRM you probably don't know about!

What is a CRM? You Might ask?

A CRM is the acronym for Customer Relationship Management.
As a photographer and videographer, having a good CRM system is crucial for time saving, giving your clients a professional experience, and keeping your diary in order.

The last thing you need, is a double booking and losing track of your client bookings!

Octoa is my favourite, 'new kid' on the block run by two guys in the industry themeselves- Remi and Yuri!
I could talk about all the features, but I think you need to hear about the why and who behind Octoa, because once you try Octoa and give it a little time, you will love it.


Joe: Hey Remi and Yuri, tell me a little about yourselves?

Hello! We are Remi and Yuri, friends on a mission- to build the best CRM tool for photographers and videographers.

We go way back from classmates to business partners.

After running a creative agency, Remi started a videography business with his wife Pui-Yuk and travelled around the world shooting breathtaking wedding videos while Yuri continued running the creative agency independently.

But partners in crime always cross paths somewhere again in life, and out of frustration, not finding a solid CRM tool for photo and video studios, We decided to build one for our selves and so was born.

Joe: How does Octoa differ from other CRM's?

We’re proud to say that Octoa is an independent company.

We didn’t seek outside investment when starting our business. We funded it with money from our own pockets.

That means investors and outside agendas do not influence every feature or update we release. We are free to build Octoa based on our vision for the people who appreciate and benefit from it: our members.

We are still a small company and investing all the money we earn back into Octoa. We are on this journey for the long run with a higher purpose: give creatives back their time to do the thing they love doing.

As a paying member of Octoa, you help us realize this purpose.

Remi & Yuri x

As a customer of Octoa myself now, I was originally hesitant to learn a new CRM, after having already spent so long setting up my original system from another company.

I soon realised, the system I was using was not maximised for my wedding photo and video needs, often feeling confused, lost, and not very well structured for my minimalistic craving mind.

I heard about Octoa from a lovely photographer friend 'Monika Frias', when I saw the offer for 1 Euro a month for the first three months, I figured, what's the worst that can happen, if I don't like it, I have had three months and only spent 3 Euros.

I soon became accustomed to Octoa, feeling very clear about my clients ahead, what stage of the process they are at, and I soon implemented Octoa's lead form into my website with ease.

There are so many features, they are all so simple and easy to use, and Remi and Yuri even take onboard feedback if you have improvements to suggest! WOW!

Check out more info and consider switching/starting with Octoa, you will not regret trying their service and being part of a better workflow.


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