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Analogue Film

There is nothing quite like film, its nostalgic and imperfect, and just gives us all round feel good vibes.

All the digital photos can feel little too perfect, so mix up your media by adding film to your package.

I charge just enough to cover the film rolls, developing and scanning of the film

Joe was super professional and so creative, his use of digital and film photography is amazing


All my services are crafted to give you the most out of your wedding day. I want you to be able to have the opportunities you desire, a better experience, leaving a lasting feeling of happiness every time you look back at your photos.

It’s all about the EXPERIENCE WE SHARE

Wedding Albums

We love to share our images on social media, but nothing compares to being able to run our hands over our the pages of our wedding day & reliving the photos one by one in a more special way.

Friends & family won't be able to keep themselves from touching this beautiful album!

'Our Album is absolutely gorgeous, the quality is out of this world. It came in the most beautiful packaging with care instructions. The photos are stunning but are just made so much better by the sheer quality and size of the album. The lettering on the front is just beautiful, we couldn't be happier with it'


Second Photographer

There is just so much happening on a wedding day and with larger weddings, it really helps to have another photographer to make sure all angles are covered!

There are so many good reasons which include:

Better coverage of Bride & Groom getting ready, different angles of the same moment to tell a better story, more creativity - example - during the confetti photo one can get the front photos while the other shoots from a balcony, Grooms reaction as well as Brides reaction walking down the aisle, more photos in general in your gallery, creativity boosting between myself and my co photographer sharing ideas, those goregeous set up shots such as table decor and details will not be missed

Sound Recordings

Photos cannot capture the speeches, that is why I have an 'add on' to record those special words from loved ones in sound files.

Perhaps you and your partner have written your own vows to each other.

Sophia and Phil wrote their own vows, which they read to each other during the ceremony. I thought it was so lovely, I went ahead and used these sound recordings in their preview gallery! Check it out!



All my packages come with a gorgeous personalised gift box that leaves everyone feeling even more over the moon