With every Wedding I photograph, I make a preview slideshow within a few days of your wedding. That is FAST!

I find the music that suits, often its one of your own favourites that played at your wedding, giving even more emotion and stronger experience when presented with your own photos that you are anxiously awaiting to see.

What's more, is that you can download the slideshow right away, and share with friends, family and socials right away.

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What Clients Say:


An exceptionally talented photographer with a strong artistic flair. We were so privileged to have had Joe as our wedding photographer! Our photos are so much more than a mere record of the day, each photo captures the mood and ambience of the day. Thank you Joe, you are the epitome of professionalism and a true artist at heart.

~ Coretha M.


An exceptional photographer and an absolute professional! Captured our wedding day better than we could of ever Imagined. His personality makes you to feel at complete ease, allowing to get such natural and perfect pictures. I could not recommend him any higher and feel lucky to of had him capture our wedding.

~ Phil H.

Great Experience

Joe surpassed all expectations on our special day, and even before it. He’s a fantastic photographer and individual, and from the get-go went above and beyond, was very thoughtful and clearly passionate about his work. I am so thankful we were recommended him for our wedding day and know I would never want to work with anyone else now! Please, if you’re considering Joe, DO IT - YOU WON’T REGRET IT!

~ Eden B-T.


Do you shoot colour?


I display my photos in black & white on my website for a minimal aesthetic on my portfolio.

I do deliver a gallery at around 50/50 colour and b/w. I tend to choose based on the quality or colours in the image, and make the decision based on which one has the most impact.

How long do we have to wait to get our full gallery of images?


I deliver a preview slideshow within 1/2 days, on a personal page just for you. You can also download the slideshow to your phone or computer.

It is so lovely to receive some photos right away when the excitement is running high.

I tend to deliver a full gallery within the month if I do not have a large editing que.

How many phots will we end up with?


Its not just another wedding, its yours

Every wedding will vary, depending on how much is happening on the day, but a a standard, for a 6 hour session, I end up delivering around 500+ and for 10 hours, its 800+

This is not a set number, but it's good to know this is an average.

The photos are delivered through an online gallery which can be shared with all your friends and family to download.