Not everything is bullet proof or age proof, remember the floppy disc?

I have written an aftercare guide to give you a few options for peace of mind.

How to Keep Your Wedding Video Safe

1. Packaging

Luckily with all my work, I give you a keep safe gift. At the moment you receive a USB drive including the Photos or Video in a beautiful box.

Prints for all the Film Photos (if you chose this option).

USB drives will not be around forever, like the floppy disc, remember those? But it certainly is a good keep sake for a long time to come.

On a desktop or laptop Computer, you can download all your Wedding Photos in one go, onto your computer, that way if the Gallery is gone, you have one copy ready. The gallery will not be up forever because it uses space which I pay for on a monthly bases. With that been said, Download them all now if you have not already!

2. Save a copy to your computer

3. External Hardrive, that is kept in storage

I use hard drives for all my work, I use at least two in fact, incase one fails- I still have the files on the second one. Phew. I would recommend you Have a hard rive containing all your wedding files.

If this is a lot of hassle for you, I also sell them in the Shop with the convenience that I put all your Photos/video safely onto the Drive, which they are 1TB in size, so there is plenty of room for you to add all the footage and photos that your friends and family also took at your wedding.

You can save your film in the cloud through a service like Dropbox, Google drive, or any of the other cloud-based solutions that are out there. The advantage of saving things in the cloud is that if something were to happen to your home like theft or fire, your files would be safe. However, most cloud services have a monthly or yearly fee, so if you forget to pay it, you may lose your files.

4. Save a copy in the cloud


One day you will forget how life feels right now, you do not realise how special these moments will be to your future selves"

- Joe

I recommend you buy an Album, Printed photos give a different look and feeling that the computer screen can't beat.

The Album is a representation of your Love and community taking pride of place at the coffee table to be enjoyed for years by you, family and friends every time they visit your home.

Custom Designed by me or create your own.

How to

On your personal Gallery, there is an Option for 'Shop'

Select 'I design your Album', or if you prefer 'Fine art albums' to make your own layout etc.

The benefits of having me design your album will be more customised, with extra details and more images included for the cost of the pages.

Favourite 180 Photos

As simple as clicking the heart Icon at the bottom left

The easiest way to select your photos is to make favourites, and select up to 180 favourite images, which will make the next step so simple

If creating your own Album, you may want to add images as you go along, because when you add another double page spread, it will cost you more.

You may prefer to select the images you want as you go to keep track of cost.


There are things you preferance, lets get them clear

after favouriting 180 images, you can select if you would prefer and leather cover or a linen, and give me a preference on colours you do or do not like. Or if creating your own album you will have this choice for you to select.