Cinematic films- using speeches and visuals to tell your story, in a way that only your wedding can!

What's the Process?


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Send me an E-mail.

Fill out my contact form, to check availability for your wedding date, or send me an e-mail with an enquiry.

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Lets get talking

I will schedule a call, either on the phone or a Zoom/FaceTime.

I want to get to know bit about you guys, and answer all those questions you just cannot fit into an e-mail.



Booking is so easy, once we have discussed details, I will send through an e-mail with your quote, and from there its all automated to get everything prepared for your wedding.

I would like to see a full wedding Gallery, do you have one to show me?
Sure, I know what you see is our best work, but the whole day is so special for you and your loved ones, take a look at the type of content you can expect (Link to gallery is just above, top right where it says 'see a full gallery')
Can we meet up and get to know you before our wedding?
Absolutely, I would love to meet you in person, have a coffee and talk about your vision. There is no obligations and we can just enjoy a conversation. If the radius is too far, then a zoom call with serve us just as well!
How much are your wedding packages?
Every client will have different needs and desires, I will talk in detail about what is available and create a package that fits you perfectly. The price for 10 hour photography starts from 1400. We can customise your package to fit your wishes and budget.
Do you do Elopements?
Elopements fit my soul the most! Nothing is better than the intimacy of a smaller group and the beauty of nature. I have some useful links to information to help you when planning your elopement!
What physical goods are available?
As for What you already get: All my photography Clients receive a gift box with prints and USB. All my Cinematic Clients receive a gift box with the USB containing the video and sound files on the USB. What else is available: My film Pack which contains prints that were taken on film cameras, with a special something else! Wedding albums are just so beautiful, which can be ordered before your wedding, or using the online gallery. The online gallery also allows you to purchase: Extra Prints Acrylic prints Canvas Prints
Where are you based? Do you travel for weddings
I am based in the south east of the UK, and I do travel far and wide. For all travel costs I will work out the extra costs, and factor that into your package, without charging for every little detail and making it difficult. After all, you just want to know how much it will cost. I keep the cost reasonable if you are flying me out to shoot your wedding.
How many photos do we get?
This is always tough to answer specifically, depending on how much happens on the day and how long you have booked me for, but I tend to deliver between 600-1000 final images, and as for Video, its a 3-10 minute edit.
When will we receive our photos/video?
I aim to have the whole online gallery over to you within 8-10 weeks, but while you are waiting, I will get a preview gallery sent out within 2 weeks. For video, I spend a long time getting the feeling right, the sound and colour, there is so much more to editing a video. So this can take a little longer, and will be approximately under 16 weeks.
Do you photo/video non-hetro couples?
Absolutely, I love Love. Please do not hesitate to get in touch, you are more than welcome with me and my brand.
We are camera shy, and hate having our photos taken?
I hear you, I know how it feels, my aim is to get you in environments that suit you best, and capture the day in a sensitive manner, that is encouraging and as much as you would like. Once we talk and get to know each other, we can be very open and comfortable with each other to shoot what works for you.
Do you offer engagement sessions?
I certainly do, not many clients feel they are comfortable to get engagement or pre wedding shoots. But I would suggest we have one, so we can build a bond before the wedding date and help you feel at ease when you realise how easy and fun it turned out to be!